Ant Hill Trap is a really fun flash adventure game, but it unfortunately gets bugged down every now and then, which becomes a pain. Either way, if you got stuck somewhere while playing, this walkthrough will most likely help you overcome the obstacle and carry on playing. Have fun beating the game with this Ant Hill Trap step by step guide I’ve found!

Full Ant Hill Trap walkthrough:

– Turn to your left (behind you). Get 5 coins – 1 on the sofa, 2 (zoom) behind the flowers, 3 on table between tea pot and cup, 4 (zoom) on floor left of cupboard, 5 on top of left picture
– Get shovel from behind sofa and get bag off of wall
– Put coins into right picture (they only fit in one spot) and get key
– Use key on cupboard (zoom) and get hammer, walnuts, gold coin, and hard clay
– Turn back and go into the right tunnel
– Go to the rightmost door (Storage room) and use hammer on the stick locking the door
– Zoom in on fruit bowl and use shovel to get a coin. Get trolley
– Zoom in on cupboard and get key and hook
– Go back and go to the leftmost door (Lavatory room) and use key
– Get soap from back shelf
– Zoom in on bucket and use soap in water to get a key
– Zoom in on hot tub screen to get rope
– Go back and go to center door (Dining room) and use key. Get knife from center of table
– Use knife on jelly in front of table to get a red diamond
– Use diamond on left picture of ant king and get another gold coin
– Get milk bowl next to milk bottle. Zoom in to middle cup on right side of the table and get a secret scroll
– Zoom into candle on right side of the table and put secret scroll behind the candle, an arrow will point to the left on the ant’s face
– Zoom in to the right picture of an ant with a gun and click on the right side of his face and get a snake in a cage
– Click on snake cage in inventory and put milk bowl in front of snake to get key
– Zoom out 3 times and go into tunnel on the left
– Put trolley in front of ant to escape the oncoming flood
– Click on the hole once the ant is done riding the trolley to continue to the next room
– Zoom into the door and put the ant coin where the handle is, then use key
– Click on hook in inventory (this will open a new screen) and attach rope
– Attach hook and rope to the loop of rock in the ceiling on the left
– Attach hard clay to the other end of the rope on the ground
– Click on the rope and it will block the rushing water automatically
– Use shovel on the mud pile on the right to dry up the river
– Put gold coins into the circles on the king’s throne to get boxes of eggs
– Put bag on right side of king’s throne and click eggs to put into bag
– Recollect bag and go into tunnel in front of you
– Put walnuts into walnut box
– Click on exit and You’re Out!

Cheers to silverfairy77 on EG24 for this great Ant Hill Trap walkthrough!