The Tin Soldier grabbed today’s free flash game of the day award and, even though the game is pretty straightforward and generally easy, there are some moments when you might get stuck, especially the episode with the fish. Therefore, I am sharing with you a The Tin Soldier walkthrough to help you finish the game as fast as possible!

1. Drag the top of the box to the left and click the Tin Soldier without a leg.
2. Go left and take the two buttons (poor doll!)
3. Go two screens to the right and pick up puzzle piece. Drag and drop the two buttons as the teddy bear’s eyes.
4. Ignore the hungry frog and go right. “Talk” to the robot and see the combination of the puzzle.
5. Click on the squares on the robot and make them show 2, 3 and four dots.
6. Talk to the robot again and keep clicking the option with the question mark. The door to the right will open. Go right.
7. Click on each of the screws until you unscrew them all. Go left all the way to the frog.
8. Feed all the screws to the frog, then get the gear it spits out.
9. Go back to the box and place the gear between the two ones. Turn the handle and, once the monkey falls asleep, go twice to the right.
10. Talk to the princess then go to the right again.
11. Go right and turn the handle until the Jack in the Box appears and throws you in the paper boat.
12. The point here is to move the Tin Soldier to the left, right or middle of the boat so that it tilts and passes over the obstacles: first, tilt left and right to pass the rock.
13. When you hit the bottle, wait and pick the needle from the thing floating by and use it with the bottle.
14. Go right and pick up the three teeth of the fish.
15. Go right and use any tooth to cut up the tentacles of that thing. Note that you have to do it three times and pick up three tentacles!
16. Go right and insert two tentacles in the fish’s brain. Place the teeth back in the correct order (Biggest to the right, smallest to the left, the medium one in the middle).
17. Go left and connect the circuit above to the wires.
18. Go right and click the tentacle tot he left. Click the middle tentacle to make the fish bite the hook.
19. Go left and pick up spaghetti near the table. Go twice to right.
20. Click the knife to tip it over, then use the spaghetti with the handle.
21. Go right (the tin soldier will glide down the spaghetti) and right again. Talk to the Jack in the Box and… you win??