Below you can find a guide on collecting all the BioShock 2 Audio Tapes (diaries) – videos showing you the exact location of the audio tapes and how to get them. Audio Tapes in BioShock 2 are used to tell the story of the game and you can play the entire game without caring about them, but you’ll lose on the background.

Make sure you check out all the rooms carefully for the audiotapes (if you don’t want to check out the videos below) since usually you won’t be able to go back and collect them. And if you, just like me and the rest of the hardcore gamers, are a sucker for a game’s story, Audio Tapes are a must! They are not hidden or difficult to find, but by checking the Audio Tape location guide below, you certainly will be sure you won’t miss any.

BioShock 2 Audio Tape Locations Part 1 – Adonis Luxury Resort:

BioShock 2 Audio Tape Locations Part 2 – The Atlantic Express:

BioShock 2 Audio Tape Locations Part 3 – Ryan Amusements:

Hope these videos helped. Also two thumbs up to USBstar for creating this absolutely amazing guide!