I think we can all agree that Mass Effect 2 is quite a great game and we still have a lot to learn from it! Fortunately I will give you a helping hand, at least if you’re interested to know the Mass Effect 2 anomaly locations, found while scanning the planets. Read on to find them all out and enjoy the game!

So let’s begin with the most important (probably) part: Mass Effect 2 Anomaly Locations:

Caleston Rift – Cluster Solvein – Planet Sinmara
Caleston Rift – Cluster Talava – Planet Taitus
Crescent Nebula – Lusarn – Planet Tarith
Crescent Nebula – Cluster Zelene – Planet Helyme
Eagle Nebula – Cluster Amun – Planet Neith
Eagle Nebula – Cluster Strabo – Planet Jarrahe Station
Hades Nexus – Cluster Sheol – Planet Gei Hin
HourGlass Nebula – Cluster Faryar – Planet Daratar
HourGlass Nebula – Cluster Ploitari – Planet Zanethu
Minos Wasteland – Cluster Fortis – Planet Aequitas
Omega Nebula – Cluster Ariniarkan – Planet MSV Strontium Mule
Omega Nebula – Cluster Fathar – Planet Lorek
Pylos Nebula – Dirada – Planet Canalus
Pylos Nebula – Cluster Nariph – Planet MSV Broken Arrow
Rosetta Nebula – Cluster Enoch – Planet Joab
The Shrike Nebula – Cluster Xe Cha – Planet Zada Ban
Sigurd’s Cradle – Cluster Decoris Planet Sanctum
Sigurd’s Cradle – Cluster Skepsis – Planet Franklin
Titan Nebula – Cluster Haskins – Planet Capek