The App Store is now one title richer – and a quality title! – with the launch of the music driven Beat Hazard Ultra arcade shooter (shmup) game from Cold Beam Games.

The title, already available on PC and Xbox, is incredibly priced at just $0.99 and offers a unique blend of gameplay that every iPhone owner will certainly love: the game automatically creates the enemies you encounter on screen based on the tracks that you have stored on your iPhone. So basically, you have as many levels as music tracks installed and it will be really fun to see how your favorite music looks like space fight. And that’s what Beat Hazard Ultra does!

Here’s what a gamer said about this title, and it’s all 100% true: “The game is simply amazing to look, play, and hear. Dual stick shooter fans rejoice, a game that is just dual stick heaven. Tons of enemies and based on your playlist, frantic action tuned to what track you decide to play. Love every bit of it and get it quick while it’s on sale, highly recommended!”

So if you want to check out Beat Hazard Ultra for yourself, head over to the App Store and prepare to have your mind blown away!