If you dream of battling hordes of zombies on your Android powered device, developers Glu have you covered with Infected, their latest free game released for Android powered devices. You will have to build defenses, prepare for the invasion and blast away all those zombies!

The story is that a strange virus started to spread in New York, infecting people and turning them into zombies. You will have to place defensive units on the streets and make sure that none of the infected makes their way to civilization.

While infected is a basic tower defense game, it comes with a really nice feature, and that is a 4 player multiplayer that takes all the challenges to a whole new level and of course, the fun factor to a maximum.

Although there are many units to choose from and Infected looks pretty good, most of the people who have played the game are complaining about the micro-transactions, saying that the game was built entirely for that – the reason why the title is free, in the end.

But I guess that trying it out won’t hurt you a bit, so head over to the Android Market and download Infected for free.