Even though Karate and Kung Fu are no longer as popular as they used to be back when Bruce Lee was alive and kicking, I’m sure each and every one of you would not say no if they were given the chance to have these amazing fighting skills. Fortunately, with Dojo Madness we can take the kung fu fighting to a whole new level, at least virtually if we own an Android Powered device.

Dojo Madness has you in the middle of your dojo, with enemies attacking from all sides and with just one challenge for you: kung fu them away, by performing incredible combos and creating strategies that will keep you alive and kicking for as long as possible. Here’s how the developers present us the game:

“As the vicious foes surround you in Dojo Madness, you must use all your kung fu skills to defeat them. Your killer combos enhance you by harnessing supreme ninja warrior attacks that upgrade the longer your combos continue on. Your magic spiritual essences allows you to defeat your enemies with long range attacks. When trouble strikes, crouch into your Raccoon defence mode to rethink your strategy.”

Sounds pretty nice and it is quite impressive, even though the game might seem repetitive until it gets entirely boring, especially because of the same dojo the fights take place in, but it certainly offers quite some fun – and you can’t complain since it’s a free game!

So click the link to go to the Android Market and install Dojo Madness on your Android powered device.