Football (as in Soccer, as it’s named across the pond) will always be a popular sport and games that let us play as the superstars of today will certainly have big chances to become huge hits. Gameloft is trying to impress us with Real Soccer 2012, a FREE Android app based on micro-transactions, but which can still be enjoyed for free anyway!

The game itself is really impressive with the amount of licensed content: thousands of real players, 350 teams to play as or against and 14 leagues to choose from, including the big shots like England, Spain, France, Germany or South America. Even better, the game will automatically update itself with the latest transfers, so you can say that you do have one of the best simulation games available on smartphones with Real Soccer 2012.

But things won’t stop here! This football / soccer game delivers some eye candy visuals, over 700 motion captured moves for your players and many interactive options and game modes: Exhibition, League and various International Cup modes, plus the option to replay any game that has been played in the world and is present in the title’s game news feed. So if you’re sad that your favorites lost a game, start up Real Soccer 2012 and make things right!

As I said earlier, the Android version of Real Soccer 2012 is available for free (but based on micro transactions) and if you are curious to give the game a test run, all you have to do is go to the Android Market and install it!