ass-2-coverAssassin’s Creed II got delayed “a bit” according to the official Twitter feed of Ubisof – and it might be the first game delay announcement via Twitter. Oh, what a great record for Assassin’s Creed II!

Probably made just to avoid giving further details, the announcement only has 135 characters, which can’t satisfy the average gamer who would like to know more. However, here’s the official word:

“Assassin’s Creed 2 PC has moved to the first quarter of 2010. A bit more time for the dev team to deliver the best quality game to you.”

It’s not uncommon for game developers to delay a specific game for “further polishing” – the general term used in the industry. Either way, this means that now the sequel to the highly appreciated game from Ubisoft will no longer be released on PC on November 17, as initially announced. No exact release date has been mentioned, but I think it’s safe to consider that Assassin’s Creed II will see daylight sometime in April.

The console version will still be released on November 17, as initially announced.