the-witcher2A few days ago, YouTube viewers were able to watch some leaked footage from The Witcher 2. Although in Alpha stage, the game still managed to surprise everybody with its high quality and improvements. Today CD Projekt offers more details on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (the full title of the sequel).

Regarding the already high quality of the game (at least visually), CD Projekt said that “the video was created using a very early alpha version of The Witcher 2 and therefore does not represent the final quality of the game in any way”. The developers did note that they’ll no longer use Bioware’s Aurora engine, but a home brewed one (that, I must repeat it, looks amazing!) and they also promise that the story will be truly “exciting and captivating”. Exactly as we wanted!

Further more, CD Projekt RED assured the fans of the game that the voice acting we’ve all heard in The Witcher 2 will not be the way the final version of the game will sound like, since the voice was done by the developers themselves for promotional purposes only.

These being said, we should now prepare for a long wait until new details on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings get released since CD Projekt said that they “do not plan any materials to be released soon. An official trailer and other stuff will be done with our publisher, and it won’t be very soon. Sorry.”

We’re sorry too. But at least that leaked presentation is long enough, fortunately!