mw2Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist and Internet persona FourZeroTwo aka Robert Bowling decided to answer some Modern Warfare 2-related questions to the fans over at Twitter, presenting some of the features we should expect to see in the upcoming hit. The list with all his answers has been compiled by Gamers Nexus and we’re sharing it with you below:

“Max level in MW2 is level 70 this time. We’re keeping the Prestige icons under lock and key

We have a lot more weapons, perks, attachments, callsign items, and equipment to unlock this time, needed more levels!

We’re addressing modded controllers in MW2 – slightly different than the Rate of Fire cap we did in COD4 recently

There isn’t an option to search specific regions / countries when matchmaking, but there is improved matchmaking to auto-assist

An entire team of Riot Shields would be slow moving and extremely vulnerable. Flash grenades force you to expose some

Quite a few maps have varying degrees of visibility due to weather effects.

The throwing knife is thrown via the left hand because the right hand is holding the weapon. Low Ready + Throw w/ lefthand

There will be snow maps in Multiplayer

It takes two rockets to take down an AC-130 in MP. Meaning you can’t do it alone but can do it as a team

Nope. Air Drops are random. They could be an ammo resupply or an awesome killstreak reward. Its luck of the draw.

No plan for a Demo before launch. The entire team is focused on polish all the way up to ship of the full game.

Special Ops includes a variety of gametypes and mission objectives. One of many being a Wave Defense type.

There are going to be a few rewards for hitting prestige in #MW2 – can’t go into details, but there will be goodness to be had”

Nice things, and probable more to come. So keep an eye of 402’s Twitter account!