Instead of working, I spent my last hour playing the demo version of 7 Grand Steps, an amazing digital board game created by Mousechief (the indie studio best known for Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble). However, unlike the casual experience of their previous game, they go for strategy and board game mechanics in 7 Grand Steps and they manage to create an amazing product that personally I have in my top 5 “must have” games this spring, when the full release is expected.

7 Grand Steps is an amazing game in concept, telling the story of your family with you, the player, being the one controlling the strings of your family tree and making sure that you do all it takes to turn your family into the best one out there.

You start with a couple and from there it’s your job to build up your fortune by creating tokens and using them to discover legends, by procreating to ensure a future to your children and by teaching your kids the best knowledge, to make sure that they already start their life with an advantage. Even more interesting is the fact that as your family evolves, you get extra goodies: for example, after a couple of generations, you get to choose the family’s name. You can also select a trait for your main character, which will influence the story of the game. For example, once I was “the pleasant” and many wonderful things I was able to do that helped my family. Next time I went for “the bad” (or something like this) and I ended up being executed for stealing food from my neighbors. Absolutely amazing overall and you only need to try out this game to see how amazing it is!

The gameplay is that of a boardgame (aka not extremely interactive) but there is a big enough level of strategy involved that you will see that you are challenged and always amped up for what it’s coming. And these are great things for an indie game, so make sure that you too put 7 Grand Steps on your most wanted list, especially since it’s coming soon (this Spring).

So head over to Mousechief’s website and try out the demo until the game comes out!