100 Rooms Level 27 was a really difficult one to complete, but eventually I managed to find the solution and I am here to share with you the walkthrough. So in case you got stuck (and you probably did since this is not the easiest level of them all), check out this guide and have fun completing the game!

100 Rooms Level 27 walkthrough:

Go right and tap the tools box. Get small key from there.

Go back and left and tap the small door on the wall. Use the key to open and complete the puzzle, it must look like the image below (have in mind that you can move pieces diagonally even if there is one piece in between, this will help a lot):

Go back and right and tap the red button on the wall. A sound will be heard. Go back and you will see that a secret door has been opened – pick up the disc from there.

Go right and tap the window to pick up a cutter. Go right and pick up the tools from the ground – chainsaw and electric cutter.

Go right and use the cutter on the middle of the wall to reveal the door. In your inventory, use the disc on the electric cutter and use it on the door. You can exit now!

And this is it! The walkthrough for 100 Rooms Level 27 is complete and you can move forward to the last level released in today’s update. Until then, you can check out the walkthrough for level 26 and come soon for the walkthrough for the next level!