Team17 announced today the latest update for the mobile version of Worms 3. This fresh content includes customization features from the role-playing game Terraria, as well as many Halloween themed items. The company revealed some of the items that are now available:

This latest content includes: Super cool customisation items from the best-selling game Terraria. Including: Molten Helmet, Hallowed Mask, Mythril Hood, Mining Helmet, Top Hat, Archaeologist’s Hat, 5 Terraria themed gravestones and a Terraria speechbank.

To celebrate the Halloween, Team17 launched a set of eleven exclusive items to customize your worms and enjoy this festive period. Additional, the update will bring some major fixes in order to improve the game’s performance and the multiplayer system.

The company announced today that game’s price will drop drastically, from $4.99/4.49 to $0.99/0,99 €.