world-of-battles-screenThe only thing that made me remember World of Battles, a free to play MMORTS game from Frogwars, was the title of the game – one that instantly made me think “WoW rip-off”. It isn’t the case and you will get the chance to see that for yourself since the developers are starting the Open Beta testing phase for the game right away.

So, if you wish to start building your army right away and engage in full scale battles against other players, all you have to do is visit the official website of World of Battles by clicking here and create a beta account.

What will you get? Well, first of all a free to play MMO. Next, you’ll be taken in a fantasy universe with medieval elements in which nine races fight against each other for world domination. What do you have to do? Well, just create your army, train your troops and enter the battle against other armies. And, of course, defeat them to become number one in the online ranking system of World of Battles.

Frogwars promise a unique system for unit customization that will allow a complete control over the looks of each and every single soldier you will train! After that, it’s all about the leadership skills you have: either in one-on-one battles or full scale clan wars. All, just one click away if you follow the link I gave you above to WoB.