Troops Are on the Way for World of Battles

Troops Are on the Way for World of Battles

The first thing that drew my attention was this game’s name and I was hoping to find out it’s some kind of a parody to World of Warcraft. However, that is not the case: World of Battles is a solid real time strategy game whose only connection with Blizzard’s MMO is the name: WoW sounds ten times better. But a name is not the only thing that makes for a great game, right?

World of Battles promises to at least try to offer us a bit of an unique experience: huge battles, unique units and soldiers customization system and a no-further-detailed “troop preparation before battle” which makes me wonder how far the customization goes. The further, the better!

Once you’re ready to fight, gameplay switches to real time strategy mode. Take command of your armies and show everyone who’s the greatest warlord in the war-torn battlefields of World of Battles. You can also join friends to confront other clans in titanic guild wars in which tactics and teamwork will be essential to become the most powerful army of all. The best thing of them all? The game is completely free to play and looks incredibly well.

Oh, and there’s another surprising aspect about this strategy MMO called World of Battles: it is being developed by Frogwares, better known for quality adventure games like Dracula: Origin and all sorts of Sherlock Holmes games. We’ll see what’s their take on RTS when the game launches in March 2009.