Dragonica Online: On Weapons and Armor

Dragonica Online: On Weapons and Armor

dragonica-armorThe developers behind the free to play MMORPG Dragonica Online have posted a new developers diary talking about the weapons and armor in the game, two of the most important aspects in the game, since choosing the correct weapon and armor for your character could make the difference between a heavy loss and an important win in a battle.

When it comes to weapons, except for the obvious class-specific weapons, we might get the chance to try out some rare weapons given only to the bravest of the brave – those who can battle and defeat the biggest and most dangerous bosses in the virtual worlds of Dragonica Online.

We’re also told that the armor plays an important role when it comes to character development – and with no less than 15 pieces involved, I tend to believe the devs. Just like the weapons, armor comes in various shapes and sizes for each class and there are also legendary armors out in the virtual worlds, so it would be best if you would start looking right away.

“Each job class has distinct armor that uniquely identifies its class’s personality and characteristics. Warrior’s bear armor designed to exude nobility and honor while also being able to withstand punishment from fierce battles. An extension of a Magician’s magic can be seen in the intricacy of the armor design that is selected for battle. Thieves sport a variety of armor sets that provide maximum agility and dexterity, secrecy and stealth. Wearing armor that mimics nature, Archers blend in with the environment to secure strategic battle positions to deal massive damage.”

If you are interested in more details about the weapons and armor in Dragonica Online, head over to the MMO’s official website and read the latest developer’s diary.