wow-goblins-worgensAlthough still pretty far away, this Halloween might come with a big surprise to World of Warcraft players: two new races for the world’s biggest MMO. We’re talking about Goblins and Worgens in WoW, and it seems like a plausible rumor if we are to judge the findings from MMO-Champion website.

According to a posting on their forums (and a visual proof you can see for yourself in the image here), Blizzard has released four new texture masks for the Halloween: 2 Goblin and 2 Worgens masks. So even though it’s nowhere near an official confirmation, if we are to judge things a little, it might really mean that two new races are coming to World of Warcraft!

It is known that during the Halloween events Blizzard allows players to “dress up” as different races. So the Goblins and the Worgens would make a nice addition to WoW and would add to the diversity, not only when it comes to costumes.

Also, Blizzard said a while ago that the line between the two opposing factions, the Alliance and the Horde, will be blurred soon, and these two races could be the first step: they might be neutral races that would make a possible transition between factions a lot easier. (However, rumor has it that the Worgens would be introduced as Alliance characters and the Goblins as Horde… still, that seems a bit off. Neutral would make more sense).

Of course, Blizzard won’t say anything about the introduction of two new races in WoW, even if it was true. So I think that all we can do right now is to debate until Halloween comes. So… what’s your take on this story?