WildTangent and its CEO Alex St John are (or were) very active members of the PC Gaming Alliance, the organization that tries to make gamers remember that personal computers are the best game platforms out there. Unfortunately, things got a little foggy now for PCGA, St John and his company and this could mean that PC gaming might not be on the rise at all. Or it could only mean that changes simply happen every now and then.

According to Edge online, WildTangent has announced the closure of its internal development studio: 20 percent of the staff were fired and CEO Alex St John stepped down from his role. The decision was made because out of the thousand games available from WildTangent, just 35 were in-house titles. And it appears that there were no projects for the future either.

“Game development has such a long-term return on investment. In an environment where resources are constrained, you have to look at the businesses that will give you the best return in the shortest period of time,” says company spokesperson Sean Sundwall, adding that the remainder of its staff will continue to work on WildTangent’s online game network and advertising partnerships.

Now all it’s left for us to find out is what will St John do in the future to help promote PC Gaming. We’ll keep you updated.

Update: You can now read Alex St John’s answer here.