Even though the Sixaxis was not at all successful and Sony had to revive the Dual Shock, it seems that the company has no plans to stop creating motion sensitive controllers. The company has now filled a patent application for a new “hybrid video capture and ultrasonic tracking system” motion sensitive controller that, surprise, breaks into pieces. Maybe this time it will be successful…

And it seems to have potential, since the product description (you can fully read it here) makes you believe you’re about to experience a sci-fi movie for real: “The present invention fills these needs by providing methods and systems for establishing communication between a computer program in a computing system and a controller to be held by a user in order to determine the three-dimensional location of the controller.” So, in other words, it’s a “full 3D” motion sensitive controller, with the sound communication adding the third dimension to the two captured by the PS Eye. Cool!

Even more, according the host of sketches provided by the patent filling, Sony details that the controller buttons can be removed and placed to individual pieces, while the controller itself can be reoriented in a new position. Now, all we have to wait and see is if Sony will indeed release such a controller, since filling a patent means, under no circumstances, that the whole thing will become reality. What do you think? Would this new one provide the success the Sixaxis never enjoyed or it’s still all about the Dualshock 3?


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