Monday we brought you the news about the closure of the WildTangent game development studio and noticed the fact that Alex St John stepped down from the CEO position. We were wondering if this is a big hit in the chin for the PC Gaming Alliance, since St John is a very active member of the organization – today we have the answer from the man himself and we’re happier than ever!

In an e-mail sent to directly to Unigamesity, Alex St John wrote: “Our support for the PC gaming industry remains strong, and we continue to believe it is and will continue to be the dominant gaming platform. We continue to be an active member of the PC Gaming Alliance and believe in the PCGA’s mission.”

Although this statement does not come as a huge surprise, since we were sure that Alex St John will find a way to continue the fight, we’re very happy to hear that he’s still here for PC gaming. But there was another little element in the e-mail that got our attention: according to the message, Alex St John is now the Chairman at WildTanget. So, in this case, “stepped down from the CEO position” did not mean “left the company, slamming the door behind him” – on the contrary Alex St John is still there, but a bit higher on the ladder. Hopefully this also means that he’ll have more power to fight for the revival of PC gaming, too.