If you were wondering how big computer and video gaming is nowadays, we have the most eloquent answer: huge. Actually it’s so big that Electronic Arts has decided to turn their successful Need for Speed franchise into a 100% real racing event that will kick off in London next year.

Entitled Need For Speed Live, the event is planned to be hosted at the world famous Brands Hatch Circuit – but negotiations are still in progress on that matter. EA plans this NFS Live event to be a showcase of entertainment, videogames, music, car shows and displays designed to appeal car culture lovers.

Also, the cherry on top will be represented by the world’s top drifters and time attack cars from across Europe, North America and Japan who will gather in one location to compete in a battle of the continents. Need for Speed Live will also include demonstrations by some of the world’s most famous race and exotic cars in a manufacturer time attack exhibition.

So, yes, gaming is huge today. And when I think about the fact that I considered paintball as a cool FPS brought to life…