Today is a sad day for everybody who followed the story of Brandon Crisp, the teen who ran away from home presumably because his parents took away his Xbox 360 console. Unfortunately, the boy was found dead but appears that his video game addiction is not the thing that started this sad story.

Brandon left his house on Thanksgiving Day, after packing a backpack with clothes and, on his bicycle. Soon after, when the media presented the teen’s story, hundreds of volunteers offered to help the searching teams – especially parents who were both touched and scared by the story since their kids treasure gaming, too (back then, Brandon’s dad said that he believed his kid ran away because his parents took away from him the Xbox 360 console he was a fan of).

Today, according to police forces, it seems that his videogame addiction is not connected with his departure: “It’s still being analyzed a little further, but at this point we have no reason to believe there is any connection to date between the Xbox and his disappearance,” said Barrie Sgt. Goodbrand.

Some really sad news, nevertheless. Sincere condolences for the family.