A 15-year-old boy ran away from home a week ago and his dad now blames the Xbox 360 and Call of Duty for the teen’s disappearance. According to the father Steve Crisp, the son ran away after his parents took his Xbox away because they considered he was losing precious sleep time playing CoD, his addiction.

The 15-year-old Brandon Crisp left home last Monday after a fight with his parents who wanted him to stop playing as much as he did. Ever since, he did not contact his parents, his friends and, according to police forces, he hasn’t logged into his Xbox account.

“(Kids) play these games and it becomes an addiction. It becomes their whole life. My personal feeling is that he’s met someone online through this game,” said Brandon’s dad. “As a parent, you fear the worst when you don’t hear anything for seven days.” Then he added: “I want to make sure that he knows that he won’t be in trouble if he comes home. We love him and we just want to get him home safe.”

I don’t want to seem bad or heartless, but Brandon is just an 15-year-old boy and, according to CoD’s rating, he shouldn’t have been allowed to play the game in the first place. And I doubt this was a game the kid bought by himself without his parents’ knowledge. But, in the end, all that matters now is for Brandon to return home and only then, probably, we should try and find out who should be considered guilty for the entire situation.

If you have seen Brandon, please contact the Barrie Police Department at 705-725-7025. Or visit this website for even more details and live updates.