Xbox One website picMicrosoft has now added Xbox One profiles to

With the update, players can now access their full profile on the website. As well as viewing all their game clips, which can be viewed either one at a time or through a ‘play all feature’. You will also be able to view your friends saved clips through viewing their profile.

With achievements, you can get the comprehensive look at each games achievement progress and view your latest achievements across both Xbox platforms. You will also be able to save a clean, high-res version of Xbox One achievement and challenge pictures to your desktop, where you can use it as your background if you wish.

Previously, players were only able to view progress made on Xbox 360, meaning the Xbox One options were rather scarce. Achievement lists for Xbox One games were unavailable and those playing games on Xbox One were also less visible on the site, since it did not specify what next gen game was being played.

To view your Xbox One profile, Microsoft were pointing people towards their Xbox One SmartGlass app for your phone, tablet or Windows 8 PC, which was the only way people could view their full profile away from their console. With this new update to the website, SmartGlass is no longer necessary to view your full profile elsewhere.

What are your thoughts on this site update? What Xbox One features would you like to see introduced next either on the console itself or for the website?