If you’re planning to become a master of seduction, dtp entertainment is the company which promises you to satisfy your needs by using renowned spy Mata Hari. Just to make sure we have things clear: we’re talking about a point and click adventure game here and a new gameplay mode called “Seduction”. So for the horny dude in the back – we’re sorry!

For everybody else, we should say that this seduction method is actually an exotic dance we’ll have to perform with Mata Hari in order to gather the information needed. Actually a mini-game in which we’ll have to follow the beat by clicking on several musical symbols, I truly have doubts regarding the success of this technique in a man-woman situation. But, even though it will be quite pointless in real life, I’m sure it will be a feast for the eye in the game. Still, if you’re not interested to see on-screen the most important part of Mata Hari’s repertoire, you can skip the whole mini-game thing

Mata Hari is a classic point & click adventure game that will be telling a story based on the legendary spy. The story and game design are created by the industry veterans Hal Barwood (Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis) and Noah Falstein (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade).