Another MMORPG will try to get out of the huge crowd of massively multiplayer online games on the market: Warrior Epic, a game developed by Possibility Space for True Game Interactive. Also, this game seems to bring a new and entertaining Spirit feature to the MMO genre, which is something we should value today in a world where most of the MMOs seem to be copies of each other.

Warrior Epic
promises to charm its future players with an original fantasy universe and complex, entertaining gameplay. Gamers will assume of a Warrior Hall from which they manage their characters’ adventures and recruit from a wide array of Warrior Classes.

But the most important feature is, as I said before, the Spirits System which allows for fallen warriors to not only be revived at any time at their hall, but also to be transformed into Spirits that can be bound to weapons to increase and open weapon abilities and skills, or they can be called out to inflict massive damage depending on player needs.

“The game creates this totally new genre of session-based MMO’s with incredibly innovative gameplay features that have been fine-tuned and are sure to offer global appeal,” said Jeff Lujan, Founder and Chairman of True Games Interactive.

Because, yes, Warrior Epic promises to be a solid alternative for those who don’t have tens of hours to spend online, playing their MMO: according to the devs, sessions consisting of 20-30 minutes should be enough for players to to make significant progress in regards to leveling their Warrior and gaining loot.