wildstar thumbCarbine Studios WildStar is slowly picking up momentum as they release more and more information on their game. They recently introduced the second class of their game, Esper, a group of mind-controlling elites who use their mental capabilities to slaughter their enemies or inspire their allies.

The class was recently announced on November 13th, 2013, and has had a lot of positive reception from the general community. The Esper, and WildStar in general, provides a unique and fresh atmosphere in the MMO gaming genre. This Sci-Fi, Wild Western themed game is highly anticipated and will provide the casual and hardcore gamers a new chance to prove who’s the best.

Espers utilizes their mind powers to attack foes through the usage of illusions and projections of the class’s weapon, the Psyblade. They also heal their allies by illusions as well, which is a rather different idea from the general swathes of MMO currently available today.

wildstar thumb1

The class can be played as a damage dealer or a healer, providing the class with several options of gameplay. Also, with the game’s unique “Limited Action Bar”, the combinations of spells you choose to use on the battlefield creates a unique experience for every person, since you get to determine which spells and skills are best suited to your playstyle.

Are you guys hyped for the release of WildStar? Is there anything you absolutely love/hate about it? Please feel free to leave comments below to let us know what you think!

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