The mobile technology has hit the gaming market in a big way. This has been attributed by the fact that mobile devices have become more affordable and almost everyone can own a mobile gadget. For the lovers of game, there are numerous mobile applications, which can be found in either Apple or Google store depending on the device you have. However, not all are worth your time and effort. On top of that, there are ​top mobile casino​ games where you can register with a casino online and take advantage of the welcome bonuses and promotions. Below is a list of top and new games you can play on your mobile phone in 2017:

The Trail
Take an adventure back in time where you will have more than just fun with this classic mobile game. It is free, which means that you can download it on your Android device and enjoy the thrill that comes with it. It takes you on a trip to the land of the unknown where you have to find your way and discover more as you move along.

Ball Pool
If you love the game of pool, then you will enjoy this free mobile game. It allows you to compete with other similar players and come out on top. This game invites the spirit of competition where you can challenge anyone and have fun while at it. Although it is free to download, you get to accumulate credits whenever you win. The good thing about it is that you can play it while offline.

Mallow Drops
If you love puzzle games, then this one will make your day. It features different stages where you have to collect eggs by moving the pixel birds. However, there will be large stones on your way to the subsequent levels of the game. You need to move those stones in order to move to the next level. To achieve this, you will need to tilt your phone in order to move those stones out of the way. It is fun and offers a great way to pass time.

Ninja Pizza Girl
It is time to deliver pizzas to customers and you have to be quick about it. This game features a teenage girl who delivers pizza on behalf of her dad who runs a pizza place. The pizzas have to be delivered hot and thus the need to hurry up. The girl thus has to run and jump on and over rooftops, but there are obstacles to overcome along the way. It is for you to know how to achieve that and still deliver the pizzas in time.

Castle Battles
Gear up for a great series of battles with this mobile game. Just like in a normal battle, you have to plan thoroughly and prepare to take on your enemy. The game is fun and offers a real challenge to players.

These are some of the most popular games so far in 2017. We hope you enjoy playing them all!