In a game as big as Diablo 3, it’s no surprise that glitches manage to crawl in. One of the nastiest of them all is the Templar Shield Glitch that triggers an error message (Error 3006) which breaks the game. Obviously, the best idea right now is to stay away from the shield and I will give you more details about it below.

This glitch happens to anybody who trades their current shield with their Templar follower during the Act 1 in Diablo 3. So whatever you do, if you want to keep playing the game and not have it crash, make sure you don’t trade the shield!

Fortunately, Blizzard said that they have found out about this problem and they’re working hard to fix it and we should have that fix pretty soon. Until then we can only try to avoid it.

Check out the Diablo 3 Shield Glitch in the video below:

Did you have such a problem?

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