Finally, the great day has come! Diablo 3 was finally released and probably millions of people all over the world are playing Blizzard’s action RPG. However, it’s not all perfect when it comes to playing Diablo 3 as there are many people who are reporting game crashes and freezes and even problems with the Diablo 3 downloader and server. I am here to try and help you get past all these problems and make sure that you have what it takes to fully experience Diablo 3.

So let’s turn this into an epic article with full Diablo 3 Crashes and Errors fixes! Just please make sure you check out the entire article before trying a solution – one of the ones listed here might look more likely to work for you than the others!

1. First of all, there are a ton of graphic cards that are not supported by the Diablo 3 game. So if you have one of the blacklisted video cards, you will not be able to play Diablo 3 and it will keep crashing or give you an error message. Check out the official post on the Diablo 3 forums to see what are the graphic cards that are not supported by Diablo 3.

2. There is also a list of programs that somehow manages to interfere with Diablo 3 and make it crash. Therefore, the best thing for you to do would be to turn off all background programs when playing the game, but if you don’t want to turn them all off, make sure you turn off the following:

• Mumble
• XFire
• EVGA Precision
• Airfoil by Rogue Amoeba
• MSI Afterburner
• Dxtory
• RadeonPro
• Taksi

3. For people who can’t launch the game or are having other various problems, I managed to find a solution for this in the forums and it appears that 90% of the people who tried it have managed to fix the problems they had. So it’s a MUST TRY! Here is what you should do:

Got to Start -> Type “Services” -> press enter OR select “Services” from the program list -> look for “Secondary Logon” -> click on it -> if it’s set to disabled, set it to automatic -> click “start the service” to the left -> try to download the game again using the Diablo-III-Setup-enUS.exe WITHOUT compatibility mode or admin mode.

If that doesn’t work, try with admin enabled; if still not working, try again with compatibility mode (XP Service Pack 2) enabled.

4. How to fix Diablo 3 Installer Problems

Many users are complaining that they encounter all sorts of problems when they are trying to install or download the game: either they get stuck at 41% (most of the users) or even at 1%. The solution here would be that of trying to re-download the game and hope for the best. If you keep getting the disk has ejected error message, you can only hope that Blizzard will fix that soon.

Or, if you have the patience, just do as one person suggests on the official forums: “I found no solution, I just kept launching the downloader again and again until I finally had all the files and I was able to install the game fine. Just keep relaunching when it crashes.”

5. ATI Cards can cause crashes
It appears that those who have the latest Catalyst 12.4 drivers encounter a heap of problems and crashes in Diablo 3, especially for the ATI Radeon HD 2400, 2600, 2900, 3400, 3600 and 4500 graphics cards. The solution is simple: download the 12.4a update that was just released by ATI and you’re ready to go!

6. How to fix Error 108 in Diablo 3
You may be able to fix this by running the downloader and pointing it to the same saved location so that it may scan and download any missing files. This error usually appears to those who have downloaded the game completely but somehow some files ended up missing or corrupt.

Right now, these are the Diablo 3 crashes, freezes and error fixes that I can share with you. If you have any problems, please post a comment in the section below. Also, it would be even better if you had a solution to any of these problems, as it would certainly help a ton of players.

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