In the recently released Confrontation game from Cyanide, you will get the chance to unlock 12 characters but only 4 can be used in a team. It’s up for everybody to decide what the best team in Confrontation is and who your favorite character is, but I am here to share my two cents and maybe you’ll find it helpful because I consider that I did manage to create the best team in Confrontation.

From the start I should say that I go with the general public here and I admit that my favorite character in the game is Fera. And this being said, here is the team that I would suggest you get as a best team in the Confrontation game:

Fera – great for dealing damage and for taking out the mages
Nekhys – For ranged attacks
Dalon – for brute force and attracting aggro
Nemrod – for party balance

So as you see, I am recommending the best team in Confrontation as a balanced team and of course you might disagree and focus on more of the same characters in your party. So why not share with us in the comment section below your thoughts about the best team / party members in Confrontation?