I have already shared with you the list of best mercenaries in Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, but as I said in that article, it doesn’t necessary mean that having them in your team is the best idea. Actually, it will be kind of impossible to have these best mercs in your team – at least for a while in a game – because they are pretty expensive. Therefore, you will have to create a team of beginners and build up their stats. In this article I will share with you my experience and thoughts on how to assemble the best team of mercenaries in Jagged Alliance: Back in Action and even share with you some possible team ideas!

First of all, the most important strategy is to try to keep the numbers in your team as low as possible at first in order to save money and be able to hire the better and more skilled mercs to have an advantage. Although you could totally win the first three areas with a team of just one mercenary, I found it best to hire three people to start with: it gives you more fire power (a single, cheaper merc, might not have enough ammo to start with!) and a solid starting line-up to build on.

Basically, the best team of mercenaries in a game will need a medic (it doesn’t have to be one of those high medical skilled mercs, but something over 50 would be advisable for a greater success rate) and a marksman to start with, later on the requirements changing a little. I would also suggest that you have an explosives expert with you and a sniper which is vital (but any good marksman can become a sniper with the required equipment).

So my ideal team of six would be formed of the following mercenary: 1 medic, 1 explosives expert, 1 sniper, 3 all around shooters.

And there are many option to choose from the beginning. For example, I started my team with Fox (the lady is a must have because she’s cheap, stealthy, a good medic and a decent marksman), Grunty (a great marksman) and Barry (the explosives expert that will build up his skills early on). Initially, I wanted to sign Igor instead of Grunty, but he refused.

You have to pay attention, when deciding which mercenaries to sign for your team, at their equipment. At least early on when money is low and you can’t order that much to the airport, you need to get mercs with solid equipment (don’t expect to find too many helpful things along the way!). That’s why I would not recommend signing, despite being an incredible marksman.

Now, as promised, let’s see a few mercenaries that I would suggest taking a look more than others, at least for the early stages of the game (I am not talking much about the later stages because then it’s pretty obvious that you get the most expensive and the skills are aplenty). Here are some mercenaries that are great candidates for your Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Dream Team: Fox (she’s also lovely to have in the team), Grunty (can also repair weapons), Buns (marksman), Barry and Hitman.

Of course, you must learn that there are Pros and Cons for all of the mercenaries in the game, and you must learn to use them all for your advantage. But don’t stretch the line too much and go on a spending spree early on: the cheap-ish mercenaries will certainly prove to be extremely useful too and you can carry some (like Barry or Fox) all the way to the end!