Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is a very complex game and it might be best to begin it with a head-start advantage by checking out these general tips and tricks for the game that are grouped in a strategy guide that will certainly make the difference between a failed and a successful campaign. I know that there are a multitude of elements that have to be taken into account when playing JA: Back in Action and most likely these tips and tricks won’t cover them all, but at least they will help you develop a solid strategy and, as I said, start with a bit of advantage early on.

So let’s check out some vital Jagged Alliance: Back in Action tips and tricks:

– Learn to use and always take advantage of the Plan & Go mode (pressing Spacebar and issuing commands to all your mercs). This helps you address all the situations easier, without being rushed by the real time mode.
– Try to keep the distance as much as possible: your marksmen should be better than the AI and if you get too close, you risk being hit by melee fighters, which can kill a merc with 2 hits. That’s why you should keep the distance and shoot them out one by one.
– Try to flank the enemies. Don’t hit will all your mercs from one direction. The enemy AI seems to be unable to handle if you attack them from two sides.
– Take advantage of the stances of the mercenaries: crouch and prone make you harder to be hit. Also, make sure to always (or as often as possible) hide behind something
– Try to check out the map and find a good high-spot for your sniper (at least). Attacking from roofs gives you a huge advantage, but make sure to keep an eye on the stairs that lead up too!
– Which takes us to another important tip: make sure to have at least one sniper in your team. They are lethal!
– Try to take down the melee fighters first. Don’t let them get close as they can be potentially lethal!
– The Mine is your main source of income, so make sure to use it at maximum capacity!
– Try to hold on to your grenades until the enemies are well stacked together – throw grenades then for maximum damage!
– Carefully look at all the stats and treats of the mercs before hiring them. You don’t want members in the team that will disrupt the harmony there.
– Always loot all you can find in the areas you explore. Every little bit helps, especially early on.
– Don’t rush things over. Probably this is the most important thing. Take things slowly and the enemies down one by one, because there is no hurry. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

And these are the generic tips and tricks that I have to share with you for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. Feel free to add to the list using the comment section below!

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