Mass Effect 3 debuted today and allowed people all over the world to get a new glimpse at Shepard’s new adventures, but unfortunately it wasn’t all safe and sound (pun intended!). Apparently, many gamers are complaining about a strange bug in the game: they have no audio at all or the sound in Mass Effect 3 is at very, very low levels.

Amongst the problems recorded with the audio and sound effects in Mass Effect 3, we mention:

– no audio AT ALL
– very low quality audio in the game (lagged sounds, stuttering audio)
– just some of the sounds can be heard – for example, no voices but background sound or no sound at all except for some sound effects

As you can imagine, these problems are really annoying and right now there doesn’t seem to be an official fix for the audio problems in Mass Effect 3 so everybody hopes that the full version won’t have them.

However, there are still a few things you might want to try to get your audio back in Mass Effect 3:

– try restarting the game. Some users are reporting that once they restarted the game, their audio came back on.
– if you have surround sound enabled in Windows, try disabling it: this might be the reason why you only hear some sounds but not all.

Do you have problems with the audio in Mass Effect 3 or the Mass Effect 3 demo? Let us know in the comment section below!