Alan Wake: PC vs Xbox 360 Graphics Compared

Alan Wake: PC vs Xbox 360 Graphics Compared

Alan Wake should be hitting the game store shelves today and finally allow PC users to experience the great title that they should’ve gotten 2 years ago. But it seems that it’s better later than never in this case since a screenshot comparison between the two versions of the game clearly shows why PCs are still the best choice for gaming, despite what other people might tell you.

As you can see in the images below, the PC version of the game delivers a better visual experience, with brighter lights and less blurred areas, with better colors and more details. Which is, in the end, something natural having in mind that the power of your regular PC is far better than that of an Xbox 360 console.

So if you were waiting for Alan Wake all these years, take a look at the images below comparing the graphics of the game on the PC and Xbox 360. And be glad that you’ll get it now (click the images to enlarge them, then hit back on the browser to see the differences even better!):

[Source: PC Gamer]