Syndicate, the re-imagination of the cult classic initially released in 1993 has finally been released and the 2012 version is just as good as the most optimistic fans expected. However, some really unlucky players are having quite some trouble with the game and they are reporting Syndicate crashes, freezes and other errors that obviously take all the fun from the game.

Therefore, I have decided to create this article on how to fix Syndicate crashes, freezes and game problems and hopefully if there is no fix listed below we can help one another and eventually come up with a solution. Until then, let’s see what can be done to start with:

1. First of all, make sure that you have the latest video card drivers installed and, of course, that your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run the game.

2. If the game crashes randomly on launch, try to run it in windowed mode. Also, lower your graphic preferences to make sure that they are not the cause for Syndicate crashes or freezes.

3. Turn off all the programs running in the background, including the antivirus then try to run Syndicate once more.

For now, these are the only possible fixes that I can share with you for Syndicate crashes and freezes. Please, if you have any other problems or, even better, solutions to fix these problems, please post in the comment section below. Also, make sure that you check back here often since I will update this article with more possible ways of fixing the crashes, freezes and so on.


  1. in the starting when i go up to the ladder and kill those 2 guys and pull the lever after sometime my game always crashes and i get to my desktop automatically. plss help me fixing this promblem. there a error also known 0x02dbdcdc

    • I got the same problem but it only kicks me out from the game and sent me to desktop, and it is happening exactly the same place than you


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