Just a couple of days ago, I was telling you about the rumors regarding a possible release of an Alan Wake PC version and Remedy didn’t waste too much time and decided to confirm that indeed the game will get a PC release. Even better is the fact that we’ll get to play the game pretty soon, in “early” 2012.

Alan Wake tells the story of a best-selling writer suffering from writer’s block. He goes on vacation to the small town of Bright Falls with his wife, Alice, to gain back his creative flow. Shortly upon arrival, Wake finds himself trapped in a nightmare when his wife mysteriously goes missing. He keeps finding pages of a manuscript he apparently wrote, but can’t remember writing. The manuscript is coming true. An involving psychological action thriller, Alan Wake raises the bar in storytelling and creating a suspenseful cinematic experience.

The even better news for PC gamers willing to play Alan Wake is that the title will include The Signal and The Writer downloadable content released on the Xbox 360 version, will be most likely cheaper than the Xbox 360 version itself and the visuals will be a lot better.

Just check the image in the upper left corner – the first from the upcoming Alan Wake for PC – and you’ll see the improvements. So hopefully we’ll be able to say that it was worth waiting for the game!