I still love to play, every now and then, an old school point and click adventure game and the time has come now and fortunately I found the perfect game to play: Quasar, a relatively short but very interesting adventure game created by indie developers Crystal Shard using the good ol’ Adventure Game Studio.

Quasar takes place on a spaceship where all the crew members, after spending so much time together, are all angry and cranky and your goal is to set things right and bring back harmony and friendliness to the ship.

There are just six rooms to explore in Quasar – which might seem just a little too few, but once you’ll get there you’ll see that it’s actually enough: the puzzles are pretty difficult at first since, as it happens usually in the point and click adventure games, it’s a trial and error quest you’re embarking on.

Still, once you get the hang of things, you will certainly start to enjoy the game and the challenges, especially the fact that you’ll be allowed to switch characters and take advantage of their unique skills sets.

All in all, a really solid point and click adventure game that is available for FREE, so you can lose nothing by trying it out – so visit Crystal Shard to download the free game and enjoy it!