A bit late, I must admit, but I finally have the list of Holiday Countdown prizes that you can get in FarmVille. The holiday Countdown feature was launched earlier this week and it appears that even if you miss one or more of the daily prizes you can still get them for Farm Cash (and the same stands if you want to have more of the same item).

There is also a bonus prize if you get all of the Holiday Countdown rewards, but we’ll talk about it at the end – right now, let’s check out the list of rewards from the FarmVille Holiday Countdown feature:

Day 1: Holiday Lamp Post
Day 2: Gnome Snowglobe
Day 3: Winter Tree Snowglobe
Day 4: Nutcracker Outdoor Stage
Day 5: Sheep Snowglobe
Day 6: Reindeer Snowglobe
Day 7: Nutcracker Gnome
Day 8: Cow Snowglobe
Day 9: Jingle Bell Tree
Day 10: Nutcracker Sheep
Day 11: Nutcracker Ballerina Cub
Day 12: Unicorn Snowglobe

As I said in the intro, if you manage to get all the 12 Holiday Countdown prizes in FarmVille, you will also win a pretty impressive bonus, a Nutcracker Stallion. And in case you didn’t know already, all you have to do is to log in to FarmVille daily and visit the Winter Wonderland in order to win each reward.