Complete Guide for the FarmVille Winter Water Wheel

Complete Guide for the FarmVille Winter Water Wheel

A new building has been released by Zynga specially for our Winter Wonderland in FarmVille – the Winter Water Wheel and I am here to share with you a full guide for this recently launched new functional building int he game.

Basically, if you already have a Water Wheel on your other farms, you already know what the Winter themed one does: allows you to harvest it daily for free Watering Cans.

But first, it has to be built. Here are the requirements for building the Winter Water Wheel in FarmVille (you can see them in the image in the upper left corner as well):

– 5 Snow Gears
– 5 Snow Chains
– 5 Snow Axles

You’ll have to ask your friends for these building materials, but once you have them, you can finish your Winter Water Wheel and start using it ASAP. Of course, you will also be able to upgrade the structure in order to get more Watering Cans.

Pretty easy!