With 40 mercenaries to choose from in Jagged Alliance: Back in Action (and a few bonus people that you will recruit along the way), you must be wondering which are the best mercenaries to keep in your team at all times. In this article I will list the best mercs available to be hired from AIM, with the mention that I am basing this list on their original skills (these should increase as you play) and with another very important note that I am also planning an article of the best team to assemble in the game.

But until then, let’s check the best mercenaries in Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, based on more features.

Best overall mercenaries (good at everything):

Gus – $78,850 to hire
Trever – $40,000 to hire (but lacks medical)
Wolf – $17,800 to hire

Best Marksmen in Jagged Alliance: Back in Action:

Scope – $54,600, 99 Marksmanship
Lynx – $44,300, 99 Marksmanship
Gus – $78,850, 97 Marksmanship
Reaper – $60,000, 97 Marksmanship
Hot Deal: Sidney – $21,400, 92 Marksmanship

Best Explosive Experts in Jagged Alliance: Back in Action:

Fidel – $24,500, 97 Explosives
Barry – $13,000, 92 Explosives
Gus – $78,850, 92 Explosives

Best Medical Skills in the game:

Spider – $10,000, 94 Medical
Danny – $81,000, 88 Medical
DrQ – $18,500, 87 Medical

These are, in my opinion, the most important skills for Mercenaries in Jagged Alliance: Back in Action and the list above shows you the absolute best in their field. However, this doesn’t mean much at the beginning of the game when funds will be extremely limited and you’d be better building up your mercs by increasing their experience.