One of the games I most excited about this year, Jagged Alliance Back in Action (simply because I used to spend so many hours playing the previous titles in the series) is getting closer and closer to its official release date. However, we won’t have to wait until the game hits the game stores to play it: Kalypso just released the demo for Jagged Alliance Back in Action and you should download it right now if you want to give the game a try.

The Jagged Alliance demo will allow you to experience part of the game’s greatness and will allow you to play a tutorial mission, as well as a pre-defined mission from the game’s single player campaign with a pre-determined team of mercenaries. You will also get to experiment with the Plan & Go gameplay system which allows you to tactically plan your team’s moves in advance.

Jagged Alliance is all about testing your combat planning skills, and the Orta Laboratory level featured in the demo will challenge you to use the “Plan & Go” system for optimizing your battle plans before you drop those pesky villains with a well-aimed shot from one of the many real-world weapons featured in the game. “Plan & Go” is a new addition to the Jagged Alliance series, introducing a battle planning mode that moves above and beyond turn-based play, and will prove both exciting and challenging to hardcore veterans and tactical newcomers alike.

I am sure you can’t wait to get your hands on the Jagged Alliance Back in Action demo, and you can download it from one of the following mirrors: Gamers Hell or Atomic Gamer.