A really strange and unexpected news came today from the Battle.net website where Blizzard announced that their annual convention, the Blizzcon, will be cancelled this year. However, the company said that they plan to return Blizzcon to the public in 2013.

Their statement read that they are taking this decision because of their jam-packed schedule, which involves working on the highly anticipated Diablo III which should see daylight (finally!) this year, plus Mists of Pandaria and Heart of the Swarm expansion for Starcraft II.

This indeed a tight schedule, but Blizzcon could’ve been most successful this year, solely with the launch of Diablo III and a lot of media attention could’ve been obtained this way. So I must admit that I am really surprised to see that this year there will be no Blizzcon. But I am sure that Blizzard knows best what to do.

But what about you? Are you disappointed that there will be no Blizzcon 2012?