Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning has just four races that we can choose from when we start the game, but I still considered that they are varied enough to create this guide on the races in the game and hopefully help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing the race. So read on this guide to Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning races for all the details that you need!

Almain Race

This is a brave race that holds nobility and honor in high regard. They are great warriors that don’t care much about politics or religion as they love freedom above all things. The Almain Race (the humans) has three specific perks that make them good at keeping their weapons in great shape: +1 Alchemy and Persuasion and +2 Blacksmithing.

Also, thanks to their noble nature, they can get blessings (which can follow you throughout the game) from the most patrons (a total of 12): Aryllia, Belen, Ethene, Gaea, Lopoku, Lyria, Mitharu, Njordir, Ohnshan, , Thyrdon, Vraekor and Ynadon.

Dokkalfar Race

Sneaky and charismatic, intelligent and masters in manipulations, the Dokkalfar race is good when it comes to using magic and sneaking around, which also makes them good thieves. They have their own set of special perk bonuses, as follows: +1 to Sagecraft and Persuation and +2 to Stealth.

They can’t get many patrons to bless them due to their sneaky nature, but still they have enough to offer a blessing: Aryllia, Belen, Ethene, Lopoku, Lyria. They are best used as a race that doens’t get too physical and direct when it comes to facing the enemies.

Varani Race

The pirates or mercenaries in Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning, the Varani are good warriors too, but their speciality is to bargain and keep their eyes open for treasures, so money will never be a problem for them. Their special perks offer +1 to Detect Hidden and Mercantile, while a +2 Lockpicking bonus is given to help you get all the treasure you can set your eyes on. They can also Dispel warded chests.

The Varani can get blessings from the following patrons in the game: Belen, Lopoku, Njordir, Thyrdon, Vraedor.

Ljoslafar Race

Fast and courageous, the Ljoslafar are the cousins of the Dokkalfar and have some of their features. This means that their perks have a +1 bonus to Sagecraft and Alchemy, and a +2 bonus to Dispelling, making them better than the Varani at dispelling warded chests.

They have a bunch of blessings from the following gods: Ethene, Gaea, Mitharu, Ohnshan, Ynadon

Now, depending on your style of play, you can decide which race to choose. The Almain Race seems the best suited for me, as they are good warriors and I always prefer a direct approach to the game. Also, the blessing bonus is not one to ignore.

Which do you think is the best race to chose in Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning?