assassins creed unityAssassin’s Creed: Unity DLC ‘Dead Kings’ is getting released next week as a free download.

The content will be made available on the 13th January on PC and Xbox One, with the PS4 version coming on the 14th January.

Dead Kings is an expansion for the single-player campaign set after the main game. Ubisoft previously described it as “the darkest story we’ve ever told in the franchise.”

The story follows Arno, who has left Paris for Saint Denis, a city which contains the crypts of deceased dead kings of France. Once there he is sent on a quest to the underground of the Basilica and investigates the extensive catacombs. The campaign will also introduce a new weapon: the Guillotine gun.

Alongside the new campaign, Dead Kings will also feature new open-world activities and side missions, which will include new murder mysteries, enigmas, and cooperative missions. There are also new costumes, gear and weapons which can be used across both Dead Kings and the main Unity campaign.

Dead Kings was originally intended to be the first piece of premium DLC, included within Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s Season Pass, however following the problematic launch, Ubisoft announced in November that it would make Dead Kings free, and compensate those who purchased the Season Pass with a choice of a free game developed by Ubisoft.

The Season Pass has now been pulled by Ubisoft, but the offer is still available until the 15th March. The choice of free game is as follows:

• The Crew
• Far Cry 4
• Watch Dogs
• Assassin’s Creed Black Flag
• Rayman Legends
• Just Dance 2015

The additional Season Pass content, including the 2.5D game set in China, will still be free to holders. A release date has not been set, though.