The long awaited moment is here: Jagged Alliance Back in Action is released and we can start playing and enjoying the game. However, it appears that not everybody manages to do so as gamers from all over the world are starting to report crashes of the game after a few minutes of play, crashes after loading the game or after trying to load a saved game. So there’s a lot of crashes going on in Jagged Alliance Back in Action and we’ll try to help you fix this problem.

First and most important, it appears that most of the crashes are related to foreign languages of the game, so if you play JA: Back in Action in Spanish, Italian or French, it’s some bug in the language file that crashes the game. Fortunately the developers are aware of this problem and announced that a fix will be released very soon. So until then you can’t do anything but wait or try to run the game in English (or another language).

Still, there are players who report game crashes even when they run it in English and they report the following error message:

game.exe has stopped working

Apparently, these crashes are all related to save game file bugs (it seems that the game has a bugged saving game option), so right now the only thing I can suggest you to do is to make sure that you save often and have back-up saves, so if a save stops working and crashes the game you can load another and hope for the best.

Also, if you are running the game on Steam, it might be a good idea to check the game’s integrity as Steam might have missed downloading all the files: close steam and restart it, click the game and select “Properties” then “Check integrity”. After a short scan, the game should receive the poorly installed files.

As you can see, unfortunately there are not many fixes for the game’s crashes at the moment, but you should definitely try the language one since it helped all the players who had this problem.

What about you? Do you have any other crashes to report for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action or maybe, even better, some possible solutions to fix them?


  1. I can confirm the save game bug. Been running the game in enlish since the start, and I noticed loading auto-pause saves often causes the game to hang.

    But the real trouble started in the Alma portion of the game, where all my saves became corrupted. I had one before going into Alma, loaded that, and went through all the enemies in that city without saving. After all combat ended, I saved multiple times but still no save game file could be loaded. Any tips?

  2. Fixed

    Download Patch 1.03

    From the changelog:

    Save & Load

    – Game checks if game files have been modified and saves modification flag in savegames

  3. Hi!! I’m really angry on myself for waiting for a game whole of 2011 and not knowing about it’s release till now… anyways, I got the game but am not able to play past the first level for whenever I come back to console screen and click “start level” (even if it’s to go back to the first level) the game crashes… any suggestions? pls, I hope there’s some way…


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