For those who are finding it difficult to beat the amazing Uncover Escape game, I have some great news: I’m going to share a walkthrough with you, a step by step guide to help you finish the game as soon as possible. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s enjoy the complete Uncover Escape walkthrough!

Full Uncover Escape guide:

1. Click on the cabinet and click the middle drawer. Get the ruler. Open the bottom drawer and get the yellow chip.
2. Click on the top of the cabinet and get the chip. Also note the symbol on the wall.
3. Go back twice, then right.
4. Click around the pillow to the left and zoom in twice. Get chip and go back twice, then right.
5. Click the top of the cupboard and use ruler to get the screwdriver. Get the green book from the left shelf
6. In your inventory, click the book then the magnifying glass, click it again to turn it then use screwdriver to get chip.
7. Go back and right, and click the TV. Take the chip.
8. Take purple disc from the bottom left shelf then look at it in your inventory to get the next chip.
9. Click on the floor to the bottom right and use screwdriver to unscrew it then click again to open.
10. If you open the book again and click it until it opens, you will notice some question mark beneath the words. The solution is made by the letters in the words that are only used once (P, J, U, T, G, H, V). Click these letters on the panel and get paper and key.
11. Go back and left. Click the photo frame on shelf (twice) and put all the yellow chips on the frame. Another clue!
12. Go back twice and click the blue sculpture (or whatever that is) on the left wall. It’s similar with the clue!
13. Click the arrows in the following order if you can’t do it alone: Left-Up-Down-Right-Down-Right then get the key.
14. Go back and left three times, then click the plant in the pot. Check out the rolled piece of paper in your inventory for the solution: leave the top switch as it is, click the one below once, the one below twice, next once, next once and last one twice. If correct, you should see the door for a few seconds.
15. Go back and click the top of the cabinet twice. Use the screwdriver with the smallest decoration and get the new paper.
16. Go back twice and once to the right. Click the door and get the green chips. Click the red box and use the ruler with it to get the new key.
17. Go back and right (twice) and zoom to the photo frame again. Now use the green chips to see the next hint: an obscenely long code, so here’s what to do:
18. Go back twice and zoom in to the blue thing on the wall. Click the arrows: Left-Down-Up-Down
19. Go back and right and zoom in to the panel beneath the tv. Click the letters: K, C, R, X
20. Go back to the plant in the pot and make the arrangement be: Left-Centre-Right-Right-Centre-Left
21. Fianlly, you see the panel open between the paintings. Go there and take the ring. Use the ring with screwdriver and click it a few times to get a new key.
22. Go right twice and zoom in on the drawers. Use all the 4 keys with them (arrow key has to be facing down). The one with circles has to have the smallest circle to the left. The other one with the line inside the spiral pointing down. The final one has to be pointing right.
23. Take the pyramid and look at it. The solution of it is on the last paper: Face 1 on 2, Face 2 on 4 (on top), Face 3 on 1 (on the bottom) and Face 4 on 3. Take the key.
24. Go back and left twice and zoom in on the pillow to the left. Use key with the switch and get out!

A mighty difficult game this Uncover Escape game! So this walkthrough should really come in handy!