cooking-coachWith the Nintendo DSi just launched in the United States and so few titles developed specifically for it, Ubisoft plans to hop in and change things around with the release of several titles for the new handheld, but they will start with a cooking game, My Cooking Coach. Cooking Mama must be jealous now!

According to Ubisoft, their game offers player tips and tricks to create healthy and delicious meals that will delight friends and family (which sounds more like a cooking book rather than a game, but who am I to blame that on the company?).

Thanks to the new functionality of the Nintendo DSi, My Cooking Coach offers enhanced content and gameplay experiences. Ten recipes will be exclusively available on the DSi version, and budding chefs can use the system’s camera to personalize users’ profiles. In other words, Ubisoft announced the release of a cooking game (or not-so-game) on the DSi but offered no other details. Sad…


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