lelooA new casual, time management game has just been released by Puzzle Lab, Leeloo’s Talent Agency and you might want to check it out if you’re a fan of the genre. Especially since it also mixes hidden object elements with the gameplay, for a complete experience!

The story of the game is pretty straightforward: Leeloo’s parents were some not too successful actors. They played minor roles only and did not want their daughter become an actress. By her parents’ wish she got a degree in Economics, still dreaming of the world of cinema. Leeloo could not play in movies, but her practical skills would be of great help in running a talent agency near Los Angeles. This is the prehistory – and now you are in charge of Leeloo’s talent agency!

Acting as Leeloo, you have to perform two types of tasks to get through each level. Time management part is devoted to casting, and hidden object part – to shooting. But you will see how that all works out if you get the game and start playing it, right? So a good starting point would be here.